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Our mission: to help homeless families achieve and sustain their independence.

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IHN of Greater Rochester

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of greater Rochester (Minnesota), IHN for short, is a network of volunteers from 46 faith communities who offer food and shelter to families who find themselves homeless.

IHN offers these families the basic necessities of life – food, shelter and security – while they are going through their personal crisis. We give them a chance to regroup, rejuvenate and then get back on their feet with dignity.

The network operates 365 days a year and has room for 14 people. Host churches host families for a week at a time. Buddy and support churches supply volunteers to help serve the families.

In 2007, IHN of Rochester served 26 families (107 individuals - 50 children), most of whom went on to find housing and are still living in the Rochester area. Since IHN of Rochester began in 2001, we have served 190 families.


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